Top Flex

Technology developed by Joma with a 3D manufacturing system that integrates the most important components of the shoe; those hidden conponents that we cannot see, such as the mould, the heel, the texon, the linings, the interior of the outsole,etc., under the innovative 360° concept.

Sala 07 Rotor
Outsole composed of a double-density rubber base incorporating the latest bio-mechanical R+D advances. Rounded design for total movement during the game. Rotor System in the front and in the heel, improves suppport, rotation and movement of the foot on any INDOOR surface. Pre-molded 45 Shore A hardness Phylon wedge, flesible and light-weight, surpassing 200.000 flexion cycles. Double-gluing and stitched to the upper for greater guarantee.

MicroFiber SOLE
MicroFiber SOLE
Oval-shaped stabilizer distributes force from the heel towards the toe and distributes the weight uniformly over the studs for greater stability.
Placement of the studs in opposed V-shapes, the first picks up footstep power from the heel towards the toe and the second projects the force to the front studs increasing take-off power and speed.
The MicroFiber material forma a layer that joins the studs thus improving stability and transmitting greater flexibility and resistance and making the sole much lighter in weight.
Cushioning landing system, the four back studs receive the impact and transmit the power to the central part where the MicroFiber is found, a nearly rigid material that provides stability and transforms power into impulse for take off.

JOMA news
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