Fructuoso López, the founder of Joma Sport, started the company manufacturing Sport Shoes, football textiles, accessories and leisure wear.
Joma starts manufacturing sportshoes with just 8 employees
Joma builds a new 500 square meter factory and now employs over 20 people. The new range is designed around sport and leisure.
The inauguration of the second factory with 2000 square meters and now employ 70 staff and has two new semi-automatic assembly lines. Joma exhibits for the first time at ISPO in Munich.
Sees the development of the suspension system CPC (Control Press Chamber). Joma developes a professional football line with this latest technology.
Joma opens its third factory and its current world headquarters with over 65,000 square meters with two fully automatics assembly lines and over 100 staff. Joma signs direct contracts with Martin Vazquez (Real Madrid) and Francisco (Sevilla F.C.).
Miguel Soler, Beguiristain of F.C. Barcelona and Emilio Butragueño of Real Madrid sign contracts with Joma.
Joma celebrates its 25th anniversary and inaugurates a subsidiary in Niederaula, Germany (JOAM SPORTSCHUHE VERTRIEBS GmbH).
Jose Luis González, 1500 meters world record holder joins the track and filed Joma Sport club. Alfonso Prez (Real Madrid) signs with Joma. Spanish magazine, Compra Maestra recognises the 512 boot as the most competitive in its market. The textile collection expands.
Joma becomes Spains biggest selling football boot.
Ferm’n Cacho wins Gold in the 1500 meters at the 1992 olympic Games in Barcelona. Alfonso Wins Football Gold with the Spanish national team.
Joma become the brand leader in Indoor Football - a game dominated by current World and European Indoor Champions Spain - thanks to their pioneering indoor footwear products which are worn by leading players and coaches.
In addition to footwear, Joma has developed a reputation as a producer of quality team kits and the brand's Spanish flair is evident in their whole range.
Cementing unique and trusted relationships with players and clubs throughout the world has always reflected the strong family principles which continue to drive the success of the Joma Sport brand. The Joma family includes such names as Deportivo la Coruna and Sevilla FC of Spain's Primera League, in addition to the national teams of Honduras and Costa Rica, while players such as Francisco Pavon, Ivan Helguera, and Javier Portillo of Real Madrid wear Joma boots.
Joma's products are manufactured using the latest machinery and advanced technology, and are created by an expert team of designers in collaboration with professional footballers and a specialist team of doctors, sport medicine technicians, physical therapists and biomechanics.
Joma's links with the UK were further strengthened in 2003 with the opening of the subsidiary Joma UK, in Leamington Spa. Charlton Athletic Join The Joma Family.
Joma produce Cardiff City's and Derby County's kit from the start of the 2005/06 season, while Southampton's Rory Delap, Naybet of Tottenham and Derby County's Spanish sensation Inigo Idiakez are all part of the Joma family.
Joma has extends its partnership with Charlton Athletic by signing a four-year contract to continue as The Premier League club’s Official Kit Supplier.

From the company's modest beginnings as an eight-strong workforce in Toledo, Joma now has subsidiaries in the USA, Mexico, Panama, Hong Kong, Italy, Germany and the UK, with a distribution network in over 28 countries.
The Joma family continues to grow but are always looking for
JOMA news
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